Trusting your internal compass

In my younger years I’ve dealt with insecurities and limiting beliefs. Due to my childhood having a rough start as I lost my father at the age of 2 through sudden death, I’ve suffered from attachment issues because of that. This lasted for a long period of time and I had lots of consequences that I’ve carried into my adult life.

Not feeling stable and secure, without being fully aware of it, made me feel very insecure about myself and doubting my capacities. I’ve dealt with lots of self-doubt, procrastination behavior, worthiness issues and insecurities in different aspects of my life.

That made me struggle lots during my school years. I finally managed to graduate with an academical degree in communications and marketing, but did not launch a career from that, instead I have been educating myself lots about quantum physics and eastern philosophy since my teenage years.

My partly spiritual upbringing because of my Indian roots, led to a more enriched life. That came to place in my later, professional role. As a young child I was taught the energy healing method of Reiki and by the age of 18 years old, I became a Reiki Master. As an early teenager I learned a form of self-hypnosis, called Silva Mind Control. That contributed later to my profession.

I always believed that I wasn’t told the truth by my environment, for example, “you can’t have it all” and so you just need to settle for less than you actually truly desire.

I always felt that we as humans can achieve so much more than we know, with far greater ease and effort than we can imagine. That we can live a life far greater than we’ve ever expected (based on the knowledge that we’ve been experiencing throughout our lives) and that is exceeding our potential, that often has been limited.  Primarily our expectations are based on our previous experiences. And this is a matter of the subconscious mind. If we don’t use our previous experiences as our reference and use our abilities to create our lives, we live a far greater life than ever thought.

Being happy is your birthright.

This became a quest and I’ve put in all my effort in various and complementary methods to heal my past wounds, permanently changed my mindset by upgrading it to high positive mental framework. And got me completely back in balance within myself. I felt loneliness for a long time in my life, but I wasn’t lonely. Even after all of this knowledge and methods learned from a young age. This was until I started to find my true love in the mirror. And later on, after a being a happy single mom, I’ve found my true love in real life as my soulmate.

It is my passion to see people step into their light and shine and to see people happy and seeing them in their full potential and creating the life and future they desire!

By using profound, simple and effective tools you can use the power of your mind and the knowledge of innate wisdom, that’s called your intuition. You are able to play out your life far greater than you can imagine from your current setpoint.

Over two decades I have gathered experience in methods of (self-)hypnosis, mind control, mindfulness and meditation and being a certified Reiki Master.

I help others professionally as a certified Coach, clinical hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Therapist and Quantum Life Technique Coach. I also provide law of attraction and law of vibration coaching to attract your desires in any area of your life.


Hypnotherapy: Cl.Hyp. MICP

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Therapist and Certified Quantum Life Technique Practitioner

Member of International Council of Psychotherapists