People are controlled by their subconscious mind for 90% in all of our actions. The way we behave, act and respond are most of the time programs in our mind. Our subconscious mind is imprinted from the age of 0 up to 7 and most of the time it hasn’t been updated since then. High impact emotional experiences or events make your subconscious mind activate the primal function of fight, flight, freeze or hide mode. Most of the time this is an unconscious process, but it can have a high impact on our day to day functioning. For example, it can lead to fear of speaking in public, overweight, addictions, procrastination, poor relations, low self-esteem, anxieties or even traumas.

It is difficult to change behavior if you don’t find the root cause, it is all related to repetitive negative thoughts and false beliefs.

This is what all of my clients experience. They really want to change, they know what needs to happen, but they keep repeating the cycle of failure and success is postponed. This is very frustrating and demotivating and is then leading to more negative emotions.

The good news is that we can flip the script and upgrade our initial blueprint. And with that we create the perfect basis of creating our own future. It is your birthright to be happy!