To create significant and lasting changes fast with my clients, I offer coaching programs.

Starting from 3 months, the unapologetically you program,

To the 6 months Inner Mastery program.

I’ve seen that people have similar issues, but every single person is unique. Everyone has his own background, a unique blueprint and therefor different desires and goals.

And so, my coaching programs are tailormade for each and every client. Both of my programs are being conducted with transformational sessions, personal (recorded) guided meditations, coaching and mentoring sessions.

My coaching programs can be held in person or online. Or a combination of both.

Not sure what coaching program is best for you? Let’s connect and see what I can do for you.

With my blend of knowledge, experience and intuition I passionately help people to embody their self-confidence in any area of their lives. They start to feel peaceful and feel full of trust. I teach them how to create their desired life and give them tools to start to live their dream life!

I’m known for my quick and lasting results.


Speaking on events

For inquires or bookings for having me to speak on your event, or to host a workshop for a team. Contact here: