Twin Flame Coaching

Twin flame is the old ancient Greece concept of the twin soul. When God or great spirit created the mankind, God split one soul in half.

Your twin flame is like your mirror soul. And most often appears in an intense romantic soul connection. Your twin flame will always reflect back to you what Is not aligned with your soul. Your soul is abundant and full of love. The ego is programmed and led by fear. That basically means all programming’s and survival modes on the subconscious mind are predominant when you feel triggered by your Twin Flame.

Therefor I’ve started Your Twin Flame Journey. This is a spiritual awakening journey. Weather you have met your twin flame in life or not, if this speaks to you, then this is for you.

“It’s not the destination, It’s the journey” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

twin flaming coaching

A twin flame union is basically inner union with yourself. You practice self-love and you have changed your mindset from being programmed to survival, to love, trust, certainty and abundance.

Self-love makes you set healthy boundaries and grounds you in being fully you. You will trust on your inner guidance, rather than led by fear.

The fear is a primary survival mode that is installed and set after having painful experiences. Physical and emotional pain. As long as we are led by survival mode, we cannot reach full union within ourselves.

I help you to act on achieving and to surrender to receiving.

To clarify this statement, is that we are mostly triggered by our subconscious beliefs in a limited way. Lack of confidence and trust, that we are not able of using our full potential.

Then we often rely way too much on the physical result of our actions and we try to control the outcome with our anticipations.

But the truth is that we more often lack in trust of the universe, or rather say; our own ability to create. And we are in the way of our own manifestations/creations.

Surrender to this process is key. Once you surrender you allow yourself to receive what you’ve been working on and enjoy your achievement.

So, what I practically cover in my sessions with my clients in this journey, is working on the subconscious mind. Where inner child healing most of the time, that depends on your journey so far, is inevitable. Transforming you from what shaped you in the past, releasing your burdens from your subconscious mind and ancestral imprints.

So, self-love is the new default on your subconscious mind and the integration with your higher self will lead to inner union.

Balanced in your energy, masculine and feminine energy, because you then fully go with your inner guidance. Knowing and flowing on acting, allowing and receiving. This is your internal compass.

You are in alignment with yourself. In full inner union and living your purpose. And that is in the baseline being present and happy.

For those who start this journey, this will not be an overnight transformation. I have years of professional experiences as a hypnotherapist and quantum coach.

I used this on my own twin flame journey. And created even more tools to help others on this journey.

I help you to move the internal obstacles and give you all the tools you need for this journey to bring this to completion and full physical union!


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