To create significant and lasting changes fast with my clients, I offer coaching programs.

Starting from 3 months, the unapologetically you program, To the 6 months Inner Mastery program.

I have years of professional experiences as a hypnotherapist and quantum coach/mentor. I conduct my sessions in person in my office in the Netherlands and online. And amazing results have shown over the years in both ways. So, no worries if you are in a different time zone. These sessions can be held from anywhere with a solid internet connection.

What I practically cover in my sessions with my clients, is working on the subconscious mind, where inner child healing most of the time, that depends on your journey so far, is a part of the inner journey towards peace and happiness from within.

Self-love makes you set healthy boundaries and grounds you in being fully you. You will trust your inner guidance, rather than led by fear.

The fear is a primary survival mode that is installed and set after having painful experiences. Physical and emotional pain. As long as we are led by survival mode, we cannot reach full union within ourselves.

I help you to act on achieving and to surrender to receiving.

To clarify this statement, is that we are mostly triggered by our subconscious beliefs in a limited way. Lack of confidence and trust, that we are not able of using our full potential.

Then we often rely way too much on the physical result of our actions and we try to control the outcome with our anticipations.

But the truth is that we more often lack in trust of the universe, or rather say; our own ability to create. And we are in the way of our own manifestations/creations.

Surrender to this process is key. Once you surrender you allow yourself to receive what you’ve been working on and enjoy your achievements.

For those who start this journey, this will not be an overnight transformation. But lasting results will be created.

I work in packages of 10 session or 20 sessions for those who have more deep-rooted issues that cover different areas of their life. Or for those who really want to create massive changes in their life.

The sessions are a blend of quantum coaching, hypnotherapy, mentoring and will be provided with a personal transformational meditation.

Speaking on events

For inquires or bookings for having me to speak on your event, or to host a workshop for a team.
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