37 years old / The Netherlands

I have suffered from panic attacks for 5 years. Especially at night. For this reason I went to see Ellen and I was really surprised to find out the root cause of this issue. After just one session I was released from this and from that day on, I finally started to sleep through the night again. Sometimes I can still become a little restless, but then I remember Ellen’s words which gives me an immediate sense of calm. I think Ellen is incredibly professional and I felt very relaxed and at ease during our session


32 years old / Amsterdam

What I really enjoyed about my session with Ellen was the understanding that certain events, which occurred during my teenage years, where stopping me from being successful. By identifying these issues and with the mantra Ellen gave me, I was able to let it go. Now I can fully focus and enjoy my new job!


34 years old / London

I became a complete different person, or better yet, went back to my authentic self. Because I finally found the root cause of my issue, I was able to let go of it. This made me take on a different mindset. I feel very positive now. Ellen really helped me and she set me at ease, so it was very easy to get me into hypnosis. I would recommend everyone to do hypnotherapy with Ellen!!


33 years old / 't Gooi

Confidence was a big issue. Because of a divorce and certain events in my past, I had no confidence at all. Ellen prepared and gave me a customised therapy and recorded it so I could listen to it daily. I feel much more confident and I can tell people now what I want, and also what I don’t want! I also lost a lot of weight because of Marisa Peer’s method - 26 pounds in total. And after an intensive six month search, I have finally found a job that suits me perfectly. Ellen has a very personal approach and is a strong and, above all, a very warm and loving woman. She is without any judgement and she walks her talk.


35 years old / Leiden

Recently I’ve had a Rapid Transformational Therapy session with Ellen. Because I’m pregnant and do not live very close to her, we did a session over FaceTime. It surprisingly worked very well. She was able to get me into hypnosis very easily, which made me feel very relaxt and aware. The session brought up stuff that I didn’t expect to see. I could quickly open up to Ellen because she set me at ease so the pictures and emotions could come up very easily. It all happened in a very relaxed environment, which made me feel very confident. After an interactive part of the session, where I answered questions and we discussed images that came up, she guided me into a kind of meditation. The statements that Ellen made where very powerful, completely on point and very positive. They had a huge effect on me. Every time I listen to the recording she sent me I get positive emotions, happy images and my confidence goes up. I’m very impressed by the quick and powerful effects of this therapy. Thank you!”


31 years old / Stockholm - Sweden

Ellen is such an amazing therapist! I loved our session. We came to the core of my old behaviour, so I could start to create my new life and I feel just fantastic! I highly recommend Ellen to everyone who is ready to feel free in their own life. I can’t thank you enough!


36 years old / Leiden

I had a total of three sessions with Ellen. Already after the first session I noticed a major difference. I wanted to take on different issues, so we ended up doing two more sessions. The effects are unbelievable. I finally feel freed of everything that was holding me back. I feel now like the person I am supposed to be.