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Choose Your Happiness and be Unapologetically You!

When you feel yourself being occupied with worry, stress and internal pressure. You cannot feel joyous, happy and certain. Even though you try to live up to external expectations, it doesn’t give you the feelings of being happy.

When feelings of dissatisfaction, insecurity, lack of self-trust and even anxiety kick in. It can be very challenging to enjoy the little things in life. Let alone be happy with your accomplishments. But also, frustrations of should haves and would haves. It basically comes down to the feeling; it’s never good enough.

And when we lack in the feeling of purpose, self-confidence and self-love, life can feel very draining.

Past experiences, especially originated in our childhood, set a baseline for our current life. This baseline can feel or appear very limiting. And hold you back from what you truly want to experience. This primal imprinting is being executed by our subconscious minds, it is its job to bring you back to the imprinted baseline. That can be frustrating.

But very fortunately, this can all be altered! We can change those initial imprinting that has caused us feelings of pain, loneliness, frustration or even anxiety.

  • Such as being successful in all areas of life, yes you can have it all!
  • Being happy with your soulmate, you are worthy of love!
  • Feeling unapologetically yourself; it is your birthright to be happy!
  • Feeling the trust and certainty within self and in life; your inner compass will always guide you towards happiness.

Ready to take your life towards freedom?

Inner Mastery

Do you recognize yourself in the questions above? Please don’t hesitate and contact me and find out in a free 30 minutes discovery call, what I can do for you.

Do you want to feel at peace, feel trust and a deep knowing to trust on your intuition and being able to love abundantly? Like your partner, your kids, your loved ones, but most of all, yourself? Do you feel and know that life has way more in stock for you than you are currently experiencing?

So within, so without, as above, so below.

We can’t change our past, it’s not our fault how we got to a certain point in our lives. And faced roadblocks in our personal journey…

Lasting results

It is absolutely possible to break the cycles of the past. And even faster and easier than you might think! You might think that this sounds too good to be true and that you have tried everything. 

Just be yourself!

Everything needs time, and of course it is not an overnight transformation, but it is much easier and faster than you might think….


Our cutomer story…


37 Years Old – The Netherlands

I have suffered from panic attacks for 5 years. Especially at night. For this reason I went to see Ellen and I was really surprised to find out the root cause of this issue. After just one session I was released from this and from that day on, I finally started to sleep through the night again. Sometimes I can still become a little restless, but then I remember Ellen’s words which gives me an immediate sense of calm. I think Ellen is incredibly professional and I felt very relaxed and at ease during our session


32 Years Old – Amsterdam

What I really enjoyed about my session with Ellen was the understanding that certain events, which occurred during my teenage years, where stopping me from being successful. By identifying these issues and with the mantra Ellen gave me, I was able to let it go. Now I can fully focus and enjoy my new job!


34 Years Old – London

I became a complete different person, or better yet, went back to my authentic self. Because I finally found the root cause of my issue, I was able to let go of it. This made me take on a different mindset. I feel very positive now. Ellen really helped me and she set me at ease, so it was very easy to get me into hypnosis. I would recommend everyone to do hypnotherapy with Ellen!!